This is an automation device which is used for controlling switches by wireless Remote & Manual both. It can be installed in your existing switch board inside or outside. Do not need to change any wiring.

Benefits :
⦁ helpful for physically challenged and old aged people.
⦁ Prevents children from electric shock.
⦁ Time saving while optimizing switches.(reduce your energy bill by putting off lights, fans etc. with remote control when not needed).
⦁ No need to change existing wiring and switch board.
⦁ Operate through remote control as well as manually.
Features :
⦁ Controls 4 Light or Plug and 1 Fan Regulator
⦁ Expandable up to 8 Light/Plug and 2 Fan Regulator with same remote.
⦁ Fan speed regulation from 1 to 5 steps. (humming free step type regulator)
⦁ Highly efficient and time saving.
⦁ Built in memory remembers last state of lights and fans.
⦁ All On/ All Off using single switch.
⦁ It can be installed in your existing switch board.

Specifications :
⦁ Operating voltage 180-270 volts AC.
⦁ Frequency 50 Hz.
⦁ Resistive load capacity each switch (1000 Watt).
⦁ Inductive load capacity each switch (250 Watt).
⦁ I/R based powerful remote control.
⦁ Remote control working range up to 40 Ft.
⦁ Remote: DC 3 VDC, 2 x AAA(1.5V) Batteries.

Package Includes :
⦁ Sensor Unit
⦁ Remote
⦁ 2 x AAA Battery (Optional).

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Remote Control Switches

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